Don't miss out on a new network of active home buyers.

Use HomeTraq to get FREE exposure to a completely new network of active home buyers sent straight to your phone. HomeTraq sends potential buyers at NO COST but with an income windfall.
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Access to new buyers...

We work with our partners to bring you home buyers ready to tour homes now. They request a date and time for the appointment and we then let you know.  Once your broker has signed up with HomeTraq you will get access to a whole new network of potential customers.

...get a text, confirm with seller.

It is as simple as receiving a text for a viewing appointment, you simply confirm with the seller and then you are ready to take the client on the tour.

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You are compensated $20 for each completed tour!

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Active Home Buyers 

HomeTraq partners with financial institutions to generate customers who are actively looking for a new home. This means you have access to a completely new network of home buyers! Why wait?

25% referral on closed deals

You only pay a referral if you close a deal. We offer warm leads and you only pay the referral fee on closed  transactions.  

Simple setup to earn more money.

Once an agreement is established with your broker, you may start with HomeTraq. No transfer of licenses needed!

Stand out from the competition.

Get an immediate message for a requested home showing so you quickly serve  customers.

No cost to use  HomeTraq.

You don't pay if you don't use it, there is no downside. You only pay for performance,  AND you get paid to go on tours.

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