Does Zillow Produce the Best Leads for Mortgage Lenders-1

Does Zillow Produce the Best Leads for Mortgage Lenders?

Which sources of leads are profitable for mortgage lenders? In this guidebook, we’ll reveal the truth about buying leads from Zillow and introduce you to a more profitable option.

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How Lenders are Leveraging Technology-1

How Lenders Are Leveraging Technology

Are you using technology advances to your benefit? In this guidebook, we'll break down some of the top technologies that are changing the real estate landscape today. 

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When Refinances Dry Up - Guidebook Image

When Refinances Dry Up

As you know, in the past year or so, another refinancing frenzy broke out due to low mortgage rates and everyone is “fat and happy.” How long will that last though? Lenders are starting to tighten borrower requirements in order to mitigate their risk, given today’s economy. 

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Capture more mortgage business from your own customer base.

Offer customers on-demand home showings and be first to the scene to help your current customers finance their new homes.


How to Serve Underserved Markets - Guidebook Image

How to Serve Underserved Markets

Learn how HomeTraq is helping banks serve underserved markets so they not only avoid hefty fines but also make a lasting impact on their communities. Real estate services are greatly needed in local low and moderate-income (LMI) neighborhoods. These areas are underserved by both local real estate companies and financial institutions.

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Reclaiming a Credit Unions Member Base - Guidebook Image

Reclaiming a Credit Union's Member Base

Through HomeTraq, Alliance was able to offer their clients on-demand home showings without all the hassles. But the true beauty of this partnership is that Alliance receives a notification every time one of their clients views a home, letting them get in front of every mortgage opportunity. 

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Tips for Realigning Your Sales Effectiveness in 2021 - Guidebook Image

Tips for Realigning Your Sales Effectiveness in 2021

Many people think the best way to grow their business is to hire more Mortgage Loan Officers to develop relationships with real estate agents to start bringing more customers through the door. But did you know you can leverage your current workforce to grow your business? 

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The Modern Homebuying Experience For Mortgage Lenders

Want to win mortgage business at the lowest cost of acquisition of new business in the industry? This infographic compares the traditional homebuying process to a more efficient way of connecting buyers to agents and alerting lenders ASAP. 

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The HomeTraq app gives your customers the ability to tour homes virtually and without dealing with a high pressure sales situation -- and you can see that they are actively shopping. 

Get ahead of the competition. Pick a time to meet with HomeTraq, and learn more about how to stop agents from referring your customers to the other guys.